A subtly addictive stress-relief game

Lucre Games GeoTap game screens, a relaxing casual game with lowpoly design

Simple to play, hard to master!

Was turned on to this game from a friend and it’s great! Super easy to play but very challenging and fun… I find myself laughing because I just can’t keep from wanting to go fast and patience is definitely your friend with this game. Great job!

Hypnotic, engaging and challenging!

An elegant blend of art and challenge, the game will work your brain, while exercising your need to fidget—all while providing and ambient soundtrack that you can somewhat control. Very nice.

Simple, easy, excellent.

This game makes me happy to open it. The sound and colors are all thought out well and the gameplay is relaxing and or challenging. It’s a great little game when I have time to kill.

Fantastic for all ages.

I wasn’t too sure when I downloaded this game because it’s so simple but it’s strangely addictive. Even my kiddos enjoy it.